Our Fly Fishing Mentors

Wayne Syn: Dad

Benson Kanamoto: Pop B

Great Uncle Yun: one of the “Original” Syn’s

Papa John: Po Po

Wes Yamaguchi: Uncle Wesley

“It has been a distinct pleasure and privilege to witness the development of Matthew and Michael’s fishing prowess.   Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious and never ending.  The respect they show for the fish and resources is only exceeded by their respect for each other and those around them.  A day spent on the water fishing with the boys is a day spent well.  The future of flyfishing is in good hands.

Uncle Meng:

“Michael and Mathew are unique fishing kids. They have been surrounded by wise and experienced flyfishermen from birth and I dont believe that they have every really been taught that fishing is anything else but flyfishing. In addition to their skills, they are intelligent, repectfull and talented. Wayne and Muffy have done a wonderfull job raising them. If they continue to improve and fish like they have theses past couple years, they will have done just about everything that most experienced flyfishermen have achieved in a lifetime before high school!”

5 Responses to Our Fly Fishing Mentors

  1. April Vokey says:

    Wow you guys! You both are quite the fishermen!
    You are very blessed to have such great mentors!
    I hope to fish with you someday…

    April Vokey

    • Mary says:

      The guy across the road from me sells them from his house. He must put an ad in the local paper, or maybe fhising club newsletters. You’ll get a better price than you will on ebay.

  2. Sydney Delpape says:

    i do to

  3. Sydney Delpape says:

    ps i go to your school

  4. Kevin aka "Chowdah Head' Leipsic says:

    Love the pictures, the stories and the years of memories being made here. Very Cool!

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