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We decided to go 4 days early to Honolulu before our Christmas Island trip because the boys have not been there yet and there is so much to do in Oahu. We stayed at the Aqua Wave in Waikiki and the location was tough to beat. There was a great Udon restaurant right across the street and we ate there frequently. We visited the Mighty Mo (Battleship Missouri), Pacific Aviation Museum and the Arizona Memorial. The boys wanted to snorkel too so we made a trip to Hanauma Bay too.
Victor told us of a place to walk in and fish for bones and at first I was not keen on getting all our gear out and then have to repack everything but we had a free afternoon and the tide and the weather were good so we went out to scout the flat. It paid off! We fished for about 2 hours and during that time we cast to 6 bonefish. 3 of them were tailors in the shallow water. Michael landed one out of the 6. It was his first bonefish and it was exciting to watch him play the fish in. It took long fast runs and Michael had never experienced that kind of strength and speed in a fish before. We definitely got LUCKY.
The rest of the time in Waikiki was spent on Waikiki beach and at the Shave Ice store. Waiola Shave Ice has got to be one of the best shave ice on the Island. My nephew that lives there said it was the place to go and boy was he right. Waiola will be a stop for sure on our next visit.
My other nephew Tobyn flew in from Maui to join us for the long weekend. He is 10 and they got along great. We had a couple meals with Uncle Meng and Aunt Gina but other than that they went sight seeing on their own. One of the dinner stops was a local “hole in the wall” place called Onos Hawaiian Food. It was great authentic hawaiian food that we all loved. It is also a repeat if we visit HNL again.

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