Princess Emma and the SynTwins

What a salmon weekend! Took the boys out on Thursday evening and they hooked 7 fish and landed 5–well actually Matthew hooked all 7!!!   Michael never got a bite.

Friday I was guiding 2 new clients and they went 3 for 14. Great day for hooking fish but the gal really had a hard time keeping them on.

Yesterday I fished 4 anglers and we went 8 for 21!   Again they could not get them to the boat. We had 7 or 8 other grabs too.

This evening I took all three kids out and we went 2 for 2. Matthew hooked both of the fish and one of them was a big 26 pounder. His biggest salmon and it was hooked and landed with ZERO assistance. I think he is ready to fish for some saltwater species! It is always great getting Emma to go out with us!


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