Yuba River Shad

Got the boys together for some shad fishing on the Yuba River. We fish shad on the Sacramento River routinely because it is so close. We have two launch ramps with in 12-13 minutes from the house. Driving to the Yuba City launch ramp is about 65 minutes and then to motor up the Yuba to the prime fishing runs is another 20-35 minutes depending on how far up I want to go and which boat I bring.

The shad season on the Sac this year has been a bust. The fish are still there but the water conditions have been terrible for wade fishing. Wading the Yuba is wonderful. Gin clear water, shallower runs and in some areas you can sight fish. As the water level drops, fishing Intermediate lines are fun.

Both boys hooked up on their first casts. Michael was using Type 4 but higher in the run with faster water. Matthew was using Type 3 just below him. Both lines were working well. It was non stop action for the couple hours we stayed in that spot. The boys averaged 25-30 grabs and 17-18 fish landed per hour….each. Michael won all three categories in our usual fishing contest (First/Biggest/Most). It used to be worth $5 per category but now that they are older it’s up to $10 per.

Uncle Wesley joined us, brough lunch and showed us some new spots for site fishing! There were huge schools of shad in those areas. With the water so clear we can see the fish chase and eat the flies. Very nice way to end our afternoon on the Yuba.

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