Fishing, cleaning and organizing during the shutdown

It has now been 9 weeks since we closed the office. Getting the taste of retirement but it’s not quite the same. The kids have been home mostly, staying up late and sleeping in until 11am or later! When weather permits we were able to get out and fish some local waters. Where we have been going is very remote with few anglers, if any, around us.

Low water Feather River stripers were the target earlier on but the bite died and the full moon came and the spawn happened so we turned to some trout fishing.

Lake McCumber has been fishing well for a few months. PG&E is doing some work at Grace and Nora lakes so the fish normally stocked in those lakes are going into McCumber. The fishing is excellent for planter rainbows from 10-17 inches and wild browns are also abundant. It has been about 20 years since I last fished there. I remember it well because that’s where I asked my Father in Law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. There was cussing and yelling and we almost tipped our prams over…….. NOT… ? I married above my pay grade and my FIL is awesome.

After a few trips to McCumber, we switched gears to Black Butte Lake. The launch ramp is closed so we launched from a gravel bank. We had got word that the carp fishing was great and that we would get hundreds of shots at thousands of fish. That did not happen for us. We saw 30 plus fish and cast to maybe 20 of them. The carp is a tough fish to catch. Michael got one to eat but never came tight on the line. We fished bass on the way back to the truck and landed 6. We went back a few days later and saw even less carp and only got 3 small bass. The full moon was coming up so that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it.?

We also fished the river, the Afterbay and the backyard too.

During this down time, I was able to get a lot of things cleaned up and organized. One of the major tasks was my fly tying station. I don’t think I’ve seen the desktop in years. So within 8 seasons of Game of Thrones (70 plus episodes) I got my tying desk organized! I even organized my fly boxes which was a huge deal since there are well over 200 fly boxes to go through (those are just trout flies). I didn’t have the stamina to go through the saltwater stuff (another 100 boxes). Now I’m afraid to tie flies! Don’t want to mess up the desk!?

Did not have the will and stamina to go through this cabinet.

I will be back at work soon so everything else will have to wait. Hopefully NOT due to another shutdown!

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