Another year gone….

It sure seems like the years go by so fast. I’d like it to fly by so I can retire but once I retire, I want it to slow way down. Is that asking too much?:))

The boys celebrated their 22nd birthday in December. They are seniors in college and will be graduating this May and June. Wow, 4 years of college almost in the books. Emma’s birthday is coming up but since she’ll be back to school at LSU, we celebrated before she left.

Michael applied to dental school and is waiting for replies. Matthew will apply June 1st. We are crossing our fingers.

In October Pop B(aka Benson, aka Mojo) and I took a road trip to a lake in Nevada that I have wanted to fish for years. It’s an 8 hour drive from Chico but it was worth it. The fish are thick and healthy and in abundance. However, we were told it’s usually better! We will go back in the spring hopefully.

I’ve fished Luk lake 3 times since the beginning of December and that lake does not disappoint. Really good trout and bass fishing only 35 minutes away. Nice close place to decompress from a stressful week at the office. Michael fished with me last week. He was surprised at the number of fish we landed for the 3 hours we were there.

Melanie and her good friend Patsy took a trip to Morocco on October and they enjoyed it. Four weeks after that trip, she was off to Paris with another friend. Three weeks after that trip, she was off to Paris again with Emma. Lots of miles added to her frequent flyer program!

Papa John had a good trip to the jungle again. Big exotic fish is the name of his game and he is great at it!

We took a quick trip to Santa Barbara and Matthew down from SLO to meet us for dinner. The fresh sea urchin was amazing!

Of course, eating well is a Syn trait during the holidays…

Chilean sea bass with mango salsa

Seared Fois Gras

Sous Vide tri-tip

Spot prawns 3 ways and blue crab claws

Toro, sake and snow crab claws

Korean BBQ with A5 wagyu and filet mignon

BBQ rib cap



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