Camping at Pyramid Lake

Notice the title did not include anything about fishing. We the truth of the matter is that we picked dates that gave us EXCELLENT weather for fishing just about everywhere else in the world… except for Pyramid Lake. The lake fishes well with wind and stormy weather. We got the opposite. However if we are going to have tough fishing, I’d much rather have it beautiful conditions.

Uncle Wesley joined us again and we had a great time camping right on the lake’s edge. The Chico Area FlyFishers were also there and they served us a great spaghetti dinner Thursday night.

Coach Kremer (the boys’ basketball coach) was there with 2 of his sons and with the fishing so slow, the boys played together a lot and had a great time.

We all managed to catch fish the first 2 days. There was no hot fly but we did get fish on 3 different offerings, a black wooly worm, albino wino and the white and chartreuse tadpole. We did not get anything huge but one of the fish was as long as Matthew’s arm (finger tips to the shoulder). We ate very well with Chilean Sea bass fish tacos first night and seared scallops and lobster the second night.

Next big trip will be 4 days at Antelope Creek Lodge in May but maybe we’ll head out for some bass or shad prior to that.

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