First Fall trip to New Orleans

I had a chance to fish the Louisiana marsh during the American Dental Association convention in New Orleans last week. The boys really wanted to go but school was in session and there was no way we were going to take them out of school for this trip. Melanie and I brought 3 of my staff members that have never been there before and they had a great time. We met Meng and his wife Gina there as well.

Meng and I booked for 3 days but one and a half days were canceled due to bad weather. The day in a half we were out, we made the best out of tough conditions. The first day the guide said it was the absolute worse conditions possible for redfish fishing. It was overcast, windy and no tides. He said if it got worse he would cancel the trip. Turns out the next day was canceled!

We did manage to hook and land some reds to 15 pounds and two big black drum to 28+ pounds. It was still a great trip and of course the food was fantastic. We ate at Antione’s, Dicky Brennan’s and R’evolution.

We fished the Biloxi Marsh in the Hopedale area. This was a new area for us and it has high potential with good weather. We have fished the Houma area a few times, Buras and the Lafitte regions. They all had something special to offer. One of the issues with the Biloxi Marsh is that it is about an hour from our hotel in New Orleans. It was convenient that the guides picked us up at the hotel but it was still a long drive to and from the launch ramp. Once at the launch ramp it was a 35 minute plus ride to the fishing grounds, so it made for long commutes each way.

Here is a video of our day and a half fishing.

Our next trip down there I think we will stay closer to the Hopedale area to shorten our drive to the launch.

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