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We have been hearing about great fishing on Lewiston Lake for many weeks now but we have not had the time to go or the forecast was for wind the day we wanted to go. Yesterday the forecast was great AND we had the free time to go! We started fishing at 9:50 am and the weather was perfect, light breeze and air temps in the low 50’s. We could  not find  the fish at first. We motored around for a good 45 minutes before we found a large pod on a flat. The boys caught fish immediately on #18 olive midge pupas under and indicator and we followed the fish for the next hour sight fishing for them.

After lunch we found a huge school that we stayed on for the next 2.5 hours. The boys caught all the fish in the afternoon on a small olive, black and brown leeches. It did not matter what color we used.

I would have rated the overall fishing excellent if the size of the fish were larger. The boys did not land anything over 14 inches. We were hoping for some of the larger fish we’d been hearing about but they did not show for us. The boys landed 38 fish and lost a couple dozen more. In one of the pics you can see one of the pods of fish the boys were fishing too.

DSC00083 DSC00086 DSC00094 DSC00095 DSC00100 DSC00102 DSC00104 DSC00106 DSC00110

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