Thanksgiving weekend trip to Pyramid lake


It’s not often that we don’t have family commitments throughout Thanksgiving weekend. After a “hotpot” meal with the Syn side of the family at my sisters’s house in Citrus Heights on Thursday, the boys and I headed up to Sparks Nevada for a couple days fishing on Pyramid Lake. Friday morning we made the near hour drive to Warrior Point. The weather was 2 to 5 mph wind and sunny skies. Temps were in the high 20’s when we got there but warmed to the low 50’s during the day. The boys landed 7 fish total and all were caught on various black wooly buggers. Michael landed the biggest fish of the day that went 29 inches. Might have been longer but it was tough to handle a big fish like this. The fishing was slow for us but at least they caught some good ones.

The next morning we had mostly the same weather except a little more cloudy. We fished only the morning and the boys landed 4 fish. Always great fishing Pyramid because of the potential of getting into a huge Pilot Peak fish.

I had not fished Warrior point before and was learning and scouting the area as we fished. If I had more experience there the numbers would have been much better. Pop B (Benson) gave us some tips but it would have been much better if he had come with us. Great trip with the boys as usual. They said they had a GREAT time.

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