Busy Winter! Misc update.

Boy what a whirlwind the past few months. With birthdays and traveling for work, basketball games and tournaments for all three kids, it was almost non stop action all winter long. Not much fishing other than fishing the backyard pond. The pond has trout, black bass, crappie, blue gill and sunfish in it. The boys have caught all the species present and now we wait through the summer to see if the trout make it. The pond is 20 feet deep and we have installed diffusers and a couple recirculating pumps to move water. Hopefully that will be enough for the trout to survive the hot Chico summers. I will be very happy if we see a tout in the fall!

I took the kids to Lake Oroville yesterday but forgot about about the full moon and muddy waters. We had some bites and had a couple fish on but none landed. We met up with another boat and they said they fished from 8 am to 2pm with only one landed. Tough day!

Our next trip is most likely going to be Pyramid lake or the Delta.

photo 2-2 photo 4 photo 5photo 3-2

photo 1-2 photo photo 2-3 photo 1-3

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