Short trip to Bailey Creek Lodge

A couple weeks ago were able to find a day to spend at Bailey Creek Lodge. The boys invited their friend Brendan and Emma invited Brooke. We were also lucky to have Victor and Judy join us!

We arrived Thursday afternoon around 2pm and were fishing by 3pm. The boys did not fish trout that day. They walked up to the upper pond and tried for some bass. Emma and Brooke fished a little right before dark.

Dinner was fantastic that night. Caprese, sous vide filet mignon, Himalayan pink sea salt baked potatoes, sous vide asparagus and a HUGE piece of chocolate cake a la mode. It was delicious and we all fell into a food coma.

With the outside temps in the low 40’s the boys insisted on going out to the hot tub. A bit chilly… they were able to withstand about a half an hour of that.

Morning came way too soon. Breakfast was served at 8am and it was Cindy and Peter’s (owners of the Lodge) signature French Toast breakfast. The kids loved it and left nothing on their plates. Then came large portions of scrambled eggs and bacon. Oh boy…another food coma…

Everyone fished the morning and the fishing was superb. I think Emma was the top dog with well over a couple dozen fish landed. We could not have asked for better weather. It was T-shirt weather and we could have easily fished in shorts and flip flops.

This was a fun short trip and we will repeat within the year. We are treated so well by Cindy and Peter that just seeing them makes the trip special.

Wonderful to have Victor and Judy there too! Great company and I needed Victor’s fish netting skills when everyone was hooking up!

It was an enjoyable, short trip to Bailey Creek Lodge. It’s a bonus that it’s only about 65 minutes away for us. On the way home, a quick stop at Buds Jolly Cone in Red Bluff.

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  1. Glenn Ueda says:

    Wonderful pics and memories! Sure enjoy seeing the young ones enjoying the outdoors! Thanks for sharing!

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