Fabulous trip to the Fragrant Harbor……Hong Kong!


Last year when we were deciding where to go for spring break 2018, Matthew said “I’d like to go to Hong Kong”. I had never been out of the airport there and have always heard it is a good place to visit and how great the food is. I would say the trip exceeded all our expectations!

We arrived after a 14 hour and 55 minute non stop red eye flight from SFO to HKG and when we left the airport, it was non stop action for 7 full days.

We stayed in a flat on Nathan Rd in Yau Ma Tei. We could not have picked a better location for our needs. There was a McDonalds steps away from our front door so Melanie and the kids could get an American breakfast daily. There were dozens of small food stalls with in our block for me to get my Hong Kong breakfast daily. Up the road from us was the  Ladies Market and down the road was Tsim Tsa Tsui,

We went on a 4 hour Food Tour in the Tin Hau area of Hong Kong Island with our guide Michael. We sampled an amazing brisket noodle, soup filled dumplings, roast goose, egg tarts and dim sum. I have eaten most of that before but have never eaten a goose. Very delicious! Our guide Michael was great and it was a well spent 4 hours.

The next day we went on a 5 hour tour of the city. I made the mistake of telling our guide we wanted to see as much as possible so we went all over the place and did not get to see Victoria Peak or the Giant Buddha. We will have to do that next time. Over all good tour with our guide Nicole (Australian gal) but would have liked to see different areas than where she brought us.

Melanie and the kids love Din Tai Fung! We ate there when we were in Singapore a few years back and have not been there since. So, our FIRST meal in Hong Kong was Din Tai Fung. We ate there again a few days later AND it was out LAST meal in Hong Kong! The family loves the soup dumplings and fresh made noodles.

I wanted to visit the fishing village of Tai O so on the second to last day so we took the MTR (public transit) to Lantau Island. We went right by Hong Kong Disneyland and Melanie and Emma’s eyes grew wide. I told them to go and I would take the boys to Tai O. This was about 11am in the morning. On a whim, the girls decided to take the Disneyland Express and off they went. The boys and I took a taxi to Tai O to see the quaint little fishing village.

We were done sight seeing there around 1:30 so we decided to take a taxi to Disneyland to meet up with the girls. What a full day it was. Disneyland was very small and not very crowded which was nice.

During our time not sight seeing or eating, there was plenty of shopping done. This place is a shoppers fantasy for sure. We did squeeze in 2 days of Afternoon Tea. One at the Peninsula Hotel and the other at the Ritz-Carlton.

The food there brought me back to my childhood growing up in Malaysia and Singapore. There were foods I ate that I had not eaten for many years. For me it was culinary heaven. I don’t think I ate anything that was not delicious.

There are so many other places to see and visit so I know it will be awhile before we see Hong Kong again. That saddens me because it was such a wonderful trip. Melanie and the kids thought it was spectacular too.

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