October Delta stripers

Fished the Delta three days the past 2 weeks. Two times in Wes’ boat and once with Mike Costello (thanks to the gracious invite by Jeff Sasaki).

The first trip with Wes was good.  We had very few dinks and most of them were what we called “fun fish”, 3-5 pounds. Our largest were 6-10 pounds. Wes picked me up at 8am at the launch and I fished until 2:30pm (wanted to head home before the Sac traffic started).

Wes and I together landed 66. Wes went back out by himself and landed another 30 for a total of 96 for the day. It turned on in the evening he said.

Two weeks later I was invited by Jeff to fish with Mike Costello. Mike is a trophy hunter so we fished large flies all day. Total for the day was 38. Jeff landed the 2 biggest fish , a 7 and a 17 pounder. Everytime I fish with the Sasakis (Jeff, Michael and Dick) in Costello’s boat, they outfish me handily. I’m snake bit in that boat! However, always a fun day with Jeff and Mike. Catching up with Mike makes for all day conversations.

I stayed overnight in Flag City and in the morning I fished with Wes again. I fished until my arms and fingers were sore.  Two days back to back fly fishing for stripers is tough for regular guys like me. Not conditioned enough I guess. Wes dropped me off around 1:30pm and we had tallied 62. However most were dinks. The largest was 5 pounds. Wes fished until the evening and landed another 27 but he said nothing of any size.

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