End of year misc posting

Life has been really busy with work ramping up and Emma’s basketball season in full swing. Her team is 9-0 and has won every game but one by more than 20 points. Most of the games were won by 30 or more points.

I was able to get some fishing in on the Feather and Sac. I fished with Jeff Richelieu and a great up and coming guide Joe Garza of JAG Flyfishing on the Feather. We hooked 16 fish and landed a handful. Had knots and hooks break!

Also got some striper fishing in. Fished with legendary fly fishing striper guide Steve Santucci and the best striper guide for monster fish, Billy Driessen. We landed fish on flies, glide baits and spoons.

Papa John came back from the Amazon with a behemoth of a catch! Guides estimated 200 pounds and this was hooked and landed on a fly rod.

We had the kids winter formals. Lots of girls over at the house getting ready!

Our office Christmas party was fun. Ate a great dinner and played some games at home. What a truly great team they are.

Next post will likely be 2020. Unless we get a big striper during the holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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