Adult twins and New Year’s Day fish.

The boys are now 18 and I can feel their sense of independence. They are cruising through their last semester of high school and enjoying it. Boreal Ridge Snowpark has seen them 10 times this season already and they took Friday off from school to go.

If they were playing basketball this year for that awful coach, their snowboarding fun would not have even begun. I think they made the right decision but we really miss seeing them play. As a consolation, they will play CARD basketball soon (Chico recreational league) and we are seeing Emma start on a 17-0 team.

On New Years morning Michael agreed to fish with me on the river. Our river outing for striped bass is usually only 2-3 hours long. We make our usual stops and if they are not there we head home. That day as we launched from the ramp, we saw a big boil on the surface. It was a striper munching on a newly released smolt. We made a few casts but nothing. We headed up stream about 15 minutes and found busting fish in one of my favorite runs.

Michael cast his 10 inch glide bait and immediately hooked up. Lost that one but recast to another busting fish and landed that one. A few minutes later we saw a smolt swimming fast on the surface of the water and I mentioned to Michael “something is chasing that guy”. We lost sight of it and moments later we heard a big boil 50 feet downstream from the boat. Michael made a cast that was a little short but still worked the bait in. Since our glide baits are slow sinking, we can easily see the bait. The striper came back and pounded that bait and Michael was on again. We hooked 5 and landed 3 and then the surface activity died. We worked our way back to the boat launch with no other bites. Good way to start the new year.

Took Benson and Victor out for their maiden voyage for glide bait stripers. They both cast very well considering the heavier rods and big baits used. Only one small fish that day but at least it was not a skunk. There was more boat traffic than ideal and I would guess many of the spots were previously fished.

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