Late spring fishing.

This season the trout fishing was really good. We fished lakes I haven’t fished for 20 years or more.

I stopped fishing Manzanita Lake when the fish were resembling snakes. They are still pretty skinny but it was a lot worse! That was in the late 90’s. I heard there was a great callibaetis hatch going on up there so I headed up there on a day that was forecast for good weather. The con man…I mean weatherman ,was wrong again. It was supposed to be 42 to 56 degrees in the morning but in actuality it was 34 degrees all morning! I was not prepared and was freezing my bumm off. It even snowed on me. Fishing was good for a couple dozen fish but I was only able to dredge for fish. I would have preferred to fish a callibaetis hatch.

I fished McCoy Flat 3 times in 4 weeks. It was that good. Over the winter and early spring we fished trout in Baum Lake and McCumber. Great fishing for numbers but the fish were between 10 and 17 inches. At McCoy Flat they are thick and healthy 18-19 inch plus fish. They pull much harder than the fish at Baum and McCumber.

McCoy fish also have a very different diet. Their flesh is deep orange/red. They are eating some kind of critters with an exoskeleton to get flesh that color. The fat fish I cleaned had this in their tummy.

We explored Echo Lake too for the first time. Pretty lake loaded with brook trout but a float tube or pram is needed there. Too much brush and trees on the banks to get a good cast out.

Got into a few Hex hatches at Almanor. Just mediocre fishing for us but the real highlight was getting invited to stay with Dr Hood at his beautiful house in Almanor West!

Dr Hood has been a great positive influence on the boys. They look up to him and they both want to be orthodontists like him. I guess I’m chopped liver!

The pond was fishing well too. Michael landed a 10 pound catfish on a spinner bait early one morning.

I got to spend some time with Wes Yamaguchi on the Yuba. It was an exceptional shad year there. Shad fishing on the Yuba is automatic. As many as you wish to catch. Incredible fishery in our area.


We have been on an oyster binge lately. I think that would be an understatement! Devoured over 200 oysters in 2.5 sittings.

I have the recipe for the Felix’s charbroiled oysters in New Orleans. At least I think it is. Tastes just like the original. It was posted online for a brief moment and then it was gone. My timing finding it was impeccable. It’s the bomb!

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