Late Summer and Fall flew by

After a wonderful trip to Key West, we laid low and did a lot of little things. I booked a trip with Benson to Fall River with great guide Mike Wright. It has been over 20 years since I was there and it was worth going back. We fished dry flies the entire time and learned (re-learned) areas on the river. I will be going back next spring or summer

The last weekend of the boys summer vacation, we took a drive out to Cache Creek Casino to play their Golf course. It’s a hidden jewel in the middle of nowhere. I’m surprised they can keep that place busy but there were bus loads of people coming in from all over the place. I think that’s the only way.

The salmon fishing this year was the worse in the 31 years I’ve lived here. The combination of extremely low water and hot weather, turned the fishing near completely off. The water temps in our area during peak season was 65-68 degrees. Downstream in Colusa, the water temp was 70 degrees and higher! Salmon were seen dead floating downstream. Our typical water flows during the salmon season is 8,000-12,000 CFS. This season, it was well under 4,000. Towards the end of the season it was at 3200 (it still is). High mortality rate for the salmon this season. I had to cancel every guide trip and only fished 8 days to “scout”. I landed 3 fish total but one of them was a 30 pounder. We’ll see what the fishing will be in 3 years.

On a whim, I decided to go visit Michael in Flagstaff for a couple days. We ate some good sushi with his girlfriend Riley and tried a tasting menu at a local restaurant. It was fabulous. We snuck in a day of golf too.

I can’t go visit Michael without visiting Matthew too. Melanie and I drove to SLO for a long weekend and again ate sushi and other great restaurants. Also snuck in a round of golf.

Wes has been getting into great striper fishing about 2 hours from here and invited me to go. What a great fishery! We boated lots of fish but nothing over 5 pounds. I will have learn it more.

Halloween was fun at the office. I usually don’t “dress up” but the staff really wanted to do something fun this year. I obliged.

Great food..

Looking forward to Christmas break. The boys will turn 21…..

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