Winter fishing at Bailey Creek Lodge

We had a free day during our Christmas break so the boys and Emma wanted to do some fishing and get pampered at Bailey Creek Lodge. The place did not disappoint! We asked Victor and Judy Inouye and Emma’s god parent Mike Lim to join us. It was their first visit to the lodge and I think they enjoyed the trip a lot.

The food was again excellent and as before way too much food for us to consume. Tuesday night dinner was seared scallops for appetizer and a huge Filet Mignon with bĂ©arnaise sauce along with perfectly cooked asparagus and an incredible Yukon Gold baked potato seasoned with Himalayan salt and olive oil. Got to be the best baked potato I’ve eaten. Dessert was bananas flambĂ© and hot fudge Sunday. Yummy!! Breakfast was the lodge specialty French Toast and huge portions of bacon and eggs. The French Toast was amazing.
Wednesday we woke up to snow on the ground and morning temps in the low 30’s. Overall the Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning fishing was very comfortable weather-wise.









The fish in the pond are fat and healthy. The kids caught so many fish that they quit early on Wednesday.

Since the lodge is only 1 hour from our house, this makes for a great short retreat for us. It’s even closer for Victor and Judy. It was a great trip with good friends.

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