The Good and the Bad at Pyramid Lake

This week was the boys Easter vacation so we planned on fishing Tuesday to Friday at Pyramid Lake. The weather was cold ,windy and snowy on Tuesday…perfect!

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Victor and Judy joined us in their toy hauler and Benson (Pop B) stayed with me and the boys in our RV. The GOOD…. got there Tuesday afternoon and it was windy, cold and snowing a little and the fishing was great. The bite was great all the way to dark. The BAD… dark we settled in to our positions on the beach (need to be 100 ft away from the water) with our toy haulers and Victor hit a very soft patch of sand in which his truck buried to the frame. Had to call a tow service out to help dig him out. The GOOD….We learned a great way to get big trucks out of the sand!


The BAD….the next morning the fishing was very slow. We all caught fish but not near the numbers as the day before. The GOOD…..there were some friends from Chico there too and a few of the boys’ classmates so they played all day long on the beach and near the rocks. At night it was high stakes poker! All the kids were having a great time together.


The BAD….the fishing stayed slow all day and into the evening. Still caught fish but only a few here and there.

IMG_1762 IMG_1774 IMG_1772

The forecast for Thursday and Friday was minimal wind and blue skies so we decided to leave after the morning fishing Thursday. The GOOD….Thursday morning fishing was really good! The BAD….the bite only lasted about an hour. The GOOD….the boys landed 5 each in a short period of time and Pop B was the top dog with over 20 fish hooked. The BAD….the sun came up and it was CALM and barely a cloud in the sky. The fishing shut off.

IMG_1789 IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1792 IMG_1790

We packed up at 10am and headed to Cabelas for lunch. The GOOD….got home a day early and was able to take my wife outĀ for dinner for our 15 year anniversary!

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