Two hour striper trip on the Sac.



We had a free morning AND it was overcast AND the stripers were running so we decided to make a quickie trip out of Ord Bend to check things out. Michael wanted to throw topwater lures and Matthew wanted to fly fish. We launched at 9:30 am and worked our way down to the Pumps. When we got there we saw stripers busting bait on the surface.

IMG_1801 IMG_1802

Michael got 7 blow-ups and landed 2 keepers on a topwater bait. Matthew threw flies and hooked 5 and landed 4. I threw flies for a little bit and landed 2.

IMG_1810 IMG_1811

We had to called it quits and left fish busting around us because we had to get back home by Noon for a basketball tournament. Great quickie striper morning!

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