No Cuba again this year so a quickie trip to Charleston.


Our Cuba trip was rescheduled to July 2022. Typically in late July or early August, we would be in Oregon crabbing, clamming and fishing. We would be in Bandon and Charleston Oregon to be precise. Well this year we travelled to the other Charleston and it’s a lot farther away! After a long delay at DFW, we made it to Charleston late Tuesday evening. We  enjoyed a food tour the next morning and a delicious dinner at Hall’s Chophouse.

Thursday morning the guys went went redfish fishing and the gals shopped a bit. Our guide launched us on the Wando River and got us into almost 30 fish using popping corks and live shrimp and baitfish on the bottom. We lost 3 large fish (over 30 inches most likely) due to break offs around the oyster beds. We would have liked to fly fish but the guide said not to bother. In the summer the shallows are too hot to hold fish apparently.

The next day (Friday) we fished the morning again and the gals joined the Magnolia Plantation tour. Our goal for fishing this day was to catch a shark in the bay. This time with a different guide in a much smaller boat (16 foot Hewes Bayfisher rather than the 23 foot Sportsman bay boat the day before), we launched on the Ashley River and anchored in a heavily traveled channel with heavy chop. We landed a handful of small blacktips and one decent size bonnethead. We moved to shallower water and fished popping corks for small speckled tout and redfish. Pretty small fish but at least there was some action out of the chop and building wind.

Thursday night dinner the guys and gals split up. The girls ate at 82 Queens which they said was great. We tried ,for the first time, a Tasting Menu at Wild Common. It was a 2 hour 8 course meal. Wonderful experience for our palates!

Friday dinner was at Poogan’s Porch. We tried to get into Husk but they booked up over a month in advance. The dinner was good but nothing special.

The biggest treat of the trip was meeting with our niece Mia Saturday morning at Another Broken Egg for breakfast.  The last time we saw her was 8 years ago in New Orleans for a family gathering. She’s still as beautiful as ever and such a sweetheart. What a successful woman she has become. Doesn’t hurt to be a Berkeley and Columbia grad! Great to catch up with her but there was not enough time. We had to catch a flight home later that morning.

Whirlwind trip with ANOTHER delay at DFW on the way home.

The summer seemed short. Not much fishing because of the hot weather and low flows on the river, but we did play a lot of golf.

The boys will be off to college this week. Michael will be heading back to Flagstaff and Matthew will be moving to San Luis Obispo. My heart sinks to know they will be gone again for a few months. At least Emma will be around.


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