The boys are no longer teenagers.

The boys turned 20 in December. All grown up and doing well in college. If they stay on the path they’ve chosen, they should be in graduate school in a year and a half. Miss them so much when they are gone.

The salmon season was really good early season then it petered out to the regular slow rate we are now growing accustomed to. The size of the fish were larger this year and for the first time in the 31 years I’ve fished here, I never landed a jack salmon. Incredibly unusual, or lucky as some might say.

I fished a couple days at Pyramid Lake with Jerry. Windy conditions made for slow catching so we left early. The swells were ocean like. Kinda spooky in a small pontoon boat out in 60-100 ft of water.

In November, I took half my staff to Miami for a continuing education conference. Amazing to see the difference in Covid protocols and mandates our state (California) and Florida have. Night and day difference. We were very fortunate to get there and get home that weekend. That was during the time when American Airlines were mandating the vaccines to all their employees or get fired. Hundreds of flights were canceled or significantly delayed. We were delayed but still got there and got home OK.

Brett and Victor joined me for a day of good midge fishing at Baum Lake. Since the rivers were extremely low in the valley, 4 guide boats launched at Baum! Pretty small lake to take clients and it’s a no brainer fishery. I guess there are some clients that will pay good money to catch small planted fish.

I go to Baum because it’s one of the times I can bring out my light fiberglass rods. Brett fished his extremely rare Hal Janssen fiberglass rod. Here is a pic of him landing a fish. Good thing that rod bends at the cork😂

It has been many years since my entire staff were present for our Office Christmas Dinner. I made sous vide filet mignon, lobster, mashed potatoes and Melanie made a delicious salad. I’m grateful to have a wonderful team.

We celebrated the boys 20th birthday. They are both enjoying college and are heavily involved in Greek Life. It was a short winter break for them. No fishing but we did squeeze in a couple rounds of golf.

Emma turned 17 recently. Pretty soon Melanie and I will be in the Empty Nest stage of our lives. Crazy how fast time flies.

Papa John returned from a trip to Africa. He adds another amazing catch to his already impressive list.

Welcome home oysters!

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